Digital Oscilloscope Atten ADS7202SA


Atten ADS7202SA is a digital benchtop storage oscilloscope with 2 channels, 200 MHz bandwidth, sampling frequency of 1 GSa/s and 4 Kpts memory depth.

The Atten ADS7202SA digital oscilloscope is useful for electrical line mainteinance, checking electrical schemes and logical connections betweeen waveforms.

EasyScope computer software system enables remote control through the virtual control panel, oscillogramm storing as data arrays or graphics directly to PC.

Atten ADS7202SA Digital Oscilloscope Features

  • 1 GSa/s sampling rate and 50 GSa/s equivalent sampling rate
  • 2 channels
  • 5,7″ LCD
  • 4 Kpts memory depth
  • Trigger types: Edge, Pulse Width, Video
  • FFT spectrum analyzer function
  • USB connection and GPIB interface
  • Easyscope software

Atten ADS7202SA Digital Oscilloscope Package

  • Digital oscilloscope Atten ADS7202SA (1 pc.)
  • Probe (2 pcs.)
  • USB cable (1 pc.)
  • Power cord (1 pc.)
  • User manual (1 pc.)
  • EasyScope software(1 pc.)

Product Specification

Atten ADS7202SA Digital Oscilloscope Technical Specifications

Channels 2
Analog bandwidth (at input BNC) 200 MHz
Real time sampling rate 1 GSa/S
Equivalent sampling rate 50 GSa/s
Memory depth 4 Kpts
Raise time ≤ 1.8 ns
Input impedance 1 MΩ|| 13 pF, 50 Ω
Vertical sensitivity 2 mV to 5 V/div at input BNC (1-2-5 order)
Horizontal scan range 2.5 ns/div to 50 ns/div (100 MHz-200 MHz)
Vertical resolution 8 bit
Input coupling AC, DC, GND
Input voltage 100-240 V AC, CAT II, auto selection
Trigger types edge, pulse width, video
Trigger modes auto, normal, single
Set Storage/Recall 10 groups measuring storage/recall function
Waveform Storage/Recall 2 group referenced waveforms, storage/recall function 10 group captured waveform storage/recall function
Auto measure MAX, MIN, Peak-Peak, Average, Vrms, Rise Time, Fall Time, Cycle Frequency, Positive Pulse Width, Negative Pulse Width
Cursor measure ΔV, ΔT, 1/ΔT
Math operation +,-, *,FFT
FFT window mode: hanning, hamming, blackman, rectangular
X-Y mode ± 3 degrees phase error
Display mode TFT 5.7″ diagonal
Menu languages English, Chinese
Dimensions (L × W × H), mm 300 × 290 × 150
Weight, kg 4.6


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