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Begin the process by filling in the registration form or giving us a call. After receiving your interest in our organization, we plan our first interaction. Our team member will have a detailed conversation with you to understand your interests and requirements. Before you take up a course you can choose to be a part of a demo lesson. This lesson will act as a trailer to the course you select. The demo will give you a better understanding of the course whether it is the content or the teaching capability of the instructor. The demo lesson is free of cost so that you can consider multiple options to learn from and then make an informed decision.


Based on your interests and the demo sessions that you were a part of, you can pick a course. Technical training is a vast subject with so many things to cover. It is possible that one instructor may not cover everything that you might want to learn. The good thing is we do not have just one or two specialists, we have many and they all have a different set of topics covered. Pick the one that you think is most suitable based on the topics you want to cover. Feel free to take a look at the study plan and course features before you choose. We will send you notifications as and when other courses that might interest you get introduced.


The final step is to enroll. Once you have made a decision about the course you want to study in, enroll after logging into your account or through Google or Facebook. You have the liberty to contact your teacher and figure out the timings with him/her and you are all set to learn something new. After enrollment the entire curriculum within the course will be open to you. At the end of the course, you will have a small test to check on what you have learnt through the course. After this you will receive a certificate and guidance for what you could learn next.

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