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For Learners

There are three ways in which the classes at Acma Institute are conducted a)Pre-recorded video session b)Instructor-led online live sessions c)Offline learning with an instructor
Industry professionals will handle the live online courses. These professionals are working in leading organizations and are veterans in their respective fields. These experts belong to various industries and are willing to share their talent with anyone who wishes to be a learner.
At Acma Institute, we offer instructor-led online live sessions, self paced online courses covering various categories and offline lessons.
Pre-recorded sessions are the ones in which there is one-way flow between the instructors and the learners i.e. learners can watch and listen to the session, but cannot ask queries and doubts from the instructor. These courses can be accessed from anywhere, all you need is a decent internet connectivity to play video. You can learn with your own comfortable pace. Instructor-led online live sessions are the ones in which there is a two-way communication between the learners and instructors. The instructor can easily engage, observe & track their learning progress. The learners also have the opportunity to ask doubts through various modes (chatting, speaking or mailing) from the instructor.
Here at Acma Institute we are dedicated to provide maximum satisfaction to our learners/users. If you are not satisfied and your reasons are genuine ,you can ask for full refund within 3 days after your transaction in case you enroll to a self paced course. Incase of a live instructor led course, you can ask for 100% full refund within 3 days from the start date of your first online live session.
You can pay through Credit Card, Debit Card , Paypal or Net Banking from all the leading banks. Our Service Support Team is there to assist you in case you face any issues.
You need decent internet speed to access a self paced online course. Incase of a live instructor led online course, we recommend 1Mbps of internet speed. However, learners can take sessions with lower internet speed also.
Every user will be given weekly assignments, case studies and quizzes so that the instructor can track and observe their progress. You can complete practicals at your own pace, but majorly trainer will be giving guidelines for that.
In addition to the class videos in a format that can be uploaded, we will also provide the PPTs, PDFs, and codes related to the topics in the downloadable form.
Acma Institute, once you register with us for a particular course, you get Lifetime Access to the course materials.
Our Instructor Community Team and Service Support Team will help you set up the environment for programming/coding in the best possible manner. In case the setup does not work, they will provide you with controllers by sharing screens so that you can do the programming by attending lab hours at your convenience.
A certification is provided after completion of the course. If you have managed to complete each and every lesson under the course, you will have to take a quiz after which you will receive a certificate instantly.
Users can go through the class recordings or attend the same class in a different batch taken by a different/same instructor. In no event will you lose a lecture forever. You can always watch the session being taken by your instructor on your user page.
You need not worry at all in case you miss any session. After each live session, users will be able to access the recorded session on the user page. You just need to log in with your respective username and access the missed session. In addition to this, you can also take that session in a different batch.
We have an awesome service support team that will make sure that you get your queries resolved any time you need, either through the mode of phone calls or emails. The team’s contact details are available in the website’s “Contact Us” tab.
After you log in on the user page, you will be able to see recordings of all sessions that have happened till date in a format that can be uploaded. The other course-related materials like PPTs, project docs, sample codes etc. will be there on your user page which you can access any time you want. You can also download the content and use it for offline viewing.
Yes, we provide placements for students who have studied via Acma Institute.
Yes, we provide a scholarship discount only once you meet the eligibility criteria.
You have to buy your own tools. We can guide you or else you can purchase them online from us.

For Instructors

To change the account name, click on profile on the top right corner of the page. On the profile page, choose the settings option under which you will notice a basic information tab. Click on the tab, fill in the details and click on update.
To change the password, click on profile on the top right corner of the page. On the profile page, choose the settings option under which you will notice a change password tab. Click on the tab, fill in the details and click update, after which you will be able to use the new password created.
As an instructor you have immense scope through Acma Institute since learners will be provided by us. You might know so much about your field but your expertise has no outlet. We will be providing you with that outlet without the hassle of creating a platform or infrastructure.
As a teacher, you can decide how much time are you willing to shell out for the purpose of tutoring and after discussing it with your students and the Acma Institute coordinator you can fix a suitable timing.
The charges you put up for the course completely depends on what you think is justified for what you teach. Although before the pricing and course content is put up, it will be sent for approval by the Acma Institute administrator.
There is no limit to how many courses you can take on the Acma Institute website
Students will be interacting via video conferencing or on call or email if the instructor approves. Another means of interaction is through the forum available on the website. All you have to do is post a query on the forum and our Acma Institute administrator will revert back. This administrator will also act as a mediator between the instructor and the student.
The course material can involve other online links pdf’s, articles or blog postings but will not be fully comprised of it. These links will be in addition to what videos you have already put up or what online or offline classes you are already taking.
Yes, but they are only applicable for an individual with fees that is more than 30,000.
No, This is also our responsibility. After the student finishes the course, we will provide them with the certificate.
Acma Institute will always be present if you need any kind of assistance. We will not be creating the whole curriculum for you but we will definitely clear any doubts that you might have.
No, There is no registration fee to be payed. We will only charge you a small amount of what you are charging the per student.
No but if you are not a professional, you will be tested by an Acma Institute administrator and only then will you be allowed to participate as a tutor.
Being a tutor is a very satisfying job because you are giving back to your professional community. As a teacher, it is a very big confidence boost to impart knowledge that you know. Besides teaching, being a tutor is the best way to learn and expand your knowledge.
Yes, All courses that come under the umbrella of technology are permitted. It can be hardware repair or hardware creation and use or software use. Software can also include teaching photoshop, illustrator etc.
No, All you need to do is have the tools yourself for the purpose of teaching and ask your students to bring their tools separately to class.

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