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The Acma Institute Course Experience

Here at Acma Institute we are motivated to make sure you learn well with the best instructors in the field. Acma Institute thrives on the love or curiousness people have for any kind of technical training so we try to make sure our users are satisfied. It will be our job to find instructors the students they need and our responsibility to find motivated students, the instructors that they deserve. We also sell events on behalf of instructors to make things easier when they try to market themselves. Over and above all this, we have a one-stop shop for selling tech products like repair tools and spare parts that could be used for the purpose of hands on experiences. Learning gets very easy when material is easy to access. Through our online mediums like live videoconferences and saved video tutorials, accessibility isn’t an issue. Although if it is preferred, courses could also be held offline.

Learner Requirements

The most important thing that the learner can bring to the table is an enthusiasm to learn. When it comes to materials, there is not much that we need the learner to be prepared with, but there are a few things that are mandatory if they will be taking up a course with Acma Institute. All students who enroll will need to have a computer with a working webcam and Internet connection in their homes. If not a computer then a working smart phone would also do. Besides these things, students must be prepared to bring whatever their tutors instruct them to get and these things will be as simple as a book and pen. Students might be asked to get some other technical hardware material that we will help you find if it is not available in the Acma Institute store.

Future of an Acma Institute graduate

We provide certification

We provide certification

The certificates that we hand out to you, will add value to your resume. When you look for a job or start your own enterprise, the certificate will make you more credible in front of others. It proves that you have studied and gained expertise.
Connected even after the course ends

Connected even after the course ends

Acma Institute integrates social media, making it possible to eventually create online communities that are course specific. So, even after the course ends, you will keep getting updates from groups you worked with online or offline.
Communication using latest technology

Communication using latest technology

After sometime in the course as an active participant, you will see a change in your ability to communicate effectively using technology. You'll learn innovative strategies for virtual teamwork. Employers highly value this skill.
Course material remains with you

Course material remains with you

After the course ends, the material you used while it was on, continue to remain with you. This helps because in future if you ever forget something, you can always refer back to the materials you have in your possession to refresh your memory.
Time management skills

Time management skills will improve

As an online learner, you take a leading role since you have to become an independent learner. As you form your program, you are forced to develop or to cultivate not only your self-discipline but time - management skills as well.
Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning

Lifelong-learning must now be a part of everyone’s career plans. In today’s technical job market, taking online courses like the ones Acma Institute provides help workers remain competitive and they don't need to take time off from their jobs to do this.

Dedicated support

In case of any queries, we here at Acma Institute are willing to help you whenever you need it. We uphold the values of a good user experience platform and make sure they are well taken care of by our instructors and us regularly.

Chat with our instructors

Our method of teaching is designed to cater to individual understanding with more interaction to ensure that the student does not have any doubts. We teach while ensuring that the student is very comfortable with the method of teaching.

You will never miss a session

After each live session, users will be able to access the recorded session on the user page. You just need to log in with your respective username and access the missed session. In addition to this, you can also take that session in a different batch.

What can you expect after enrollment?


A confirmation call or email

Our service team will call you to understand your needs.

Course suggestions

Based on your needs, some courses will be suggested to you.

One to one demo lesson

To cross check your decision, sign up for a free demo lesson.

Timing set up

After you sign up, you can set your course timings with your instructor.


Feedback from you during and after the course will be our quality check.


You will receive a certificate of completion for your course.

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